Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunrise on the Coast of Death

Monday morning just before sunrise Marcos and I arrived at the coast near a town called Malpica. We had decided to take advantage of the slightly calmer weather to do some spinning, a decision that’ll take a few weeks to forget. 

As I said the weather was slightly better than that we’d been having, and approaching in the next few days according to the weather reports. It seems winter has returned and returned with vengeance. This coast is the “Coast of Death” because of the treacherous seas and steep and jugged rock formations. 

We parked the car as near as possible but this was still a good 300 feet above sea level and a mile walk down to the rocks. We got changed, set up and set off down the cliff to perch ourselves on our chosen fishing spots. The first hour and a half went by fine, nothing caught except a needle fish by Marcos, fairly calm seas and although we had a head wind we could just about cast a reasonable distance. 

Then as I was clambering over the rocks to find a different spot I slipped and fell. It hurt, it hurt a lot. I slightly twisted, banged and cut my left knee and cut my left hand. I had quickly let go of my rod and reel and luckily didn’t damage either one. Once I could move I thought the best thing to do was to climb back up to the car while the adrenaline was still rushing through me allowing me to limb along. 

The adrenaline ran out about half way up and I had to be helped the rest of the way by Marcos. After the car ride home when I tried to get out I could hardly walk but managed to hobble into my flat. Later that afternoon I had no choice but to visit the emergency ward where after some X-rays I was pleased to be told I hadn’t broken anything but did tear a ligament and that I needed to keep my weight of my leg for at least a couple of weeks. 

So there we have it. What can I say except be careful out there. I guess I’m getting old! I didn’t have the camera running at the time but I leave you a video and some pics of the scenery.

(Un)Happy Fishing


  1. Hi there,

    Well it is good that you didn't break anything.
    (Gears or bones).
    Rock fishing is considered one of the sport with the biggest number of fatalities each years in Australia.

    So for a few weeks, you will have to fish like an old man, from a folding chair...

    Take care and have a good day.

  2. Bad luck mate. Least you weren't on your own and got help back to the car.

    Never mind - the season hasn't really got going yet anyway!

  3. Thanks fellers

    Kester. I don't know how the weather is there but it's really terrible here! I thought my roof would be blow off yesterday! Wow! Not good, not good at all!

    Still, it'll give me time to recover!

    Cheers. Frank