Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fishing with Live Smelt – Update

Ok, here’s a short update on fishing with live baitfish. Though the idea is Sea Trout I wasn’t lucky and didn’t land any at all, not even a bite, nor did I see them as I did before I started this exercise and, in fact, was the reason I tried. To jog your memory remember that I’m trying in the ports and harbour around La Coruña, Spain which has been my home for 10 years now.

I leave you a short video on how I set up for this fishing using my Match rod, a very small float and a small treble. Now, although the Sea Trout didn’t feel tempted by the smelt as I had thought See Bass were and a number were caught, though most were too small and apart from a couple that were hurt too much all were returned to whence they came.

"Marcos" A good friend that accompanied me a couple of times

Happy Fishing.

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